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Every face is different, but generally tucking down your chin and tilting your head slightly is pretty flattering.The involuntary contractions and release, plus the combination of The involuntary contractions and release.

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Just smile without moving as you record yourself with your wriggling cat.

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Even with zero makeup on, natural lighting with give you that beautiful glow.So you want to take a hot muscle selfie but are not sure how to go about it.

You have seen your friends take great selfies and they seem to be getting a lot of attention.

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Taking perfect Selfies is an art and its takes proper angling and lighting to click one - with or without front camera.

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This is a tutorial on how to prepare yourself to take a selfie and what to do with it when you do.Give it a quick spruce before your selfie shoot and I promise the likes with come through.

Proving that in the era of smartphones, webcams and selfie sticks, everyone has the ability to take a great professional profile photo.Celebrity A Model Taught Us How To Take Selfies And It Made A Huge Difference.

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A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone.The photo above is something of a case study in good selfie stick use.

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You, on the other hand, have a crappy one and feel a little left behind.

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So here are my top tips: So here are my top tips: Do be aware of your surroundings: Using a background such as a white wall in the office or at home will ensure the focus is purely on your face and not on what is behind you.

Lighting This is the most important part of your selfie set-up - good lighting can make or break an image.Selfies are the biggest fad that has caught up with the introduction of camera phones.

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If you want a fire pic, you better leave your shame at the door.Although 2014 was officially the year of the selfie, with the best selfie in history been taken at the Oscars, they are sticking around for 2015 too.Clicking selfies has become a hobby of people of every age nowadays.

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Everybody takes a selfie at least occasionally, though some of us are more surreptitious than others.

It makes the photo look less intense and the downward angle is SO flattering.

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A series of steps must be executed before ever whipping out that camera.

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People who wear glasses will agree that it can be tricky to get the perfect selfie when you have these lenses covering your eyes.You can see in the social media that people are very crazy about the selfie.Then, look at the video and choose a part of it where both you and your cat look good and screenshot it.Try using the front camera flash on Snapchat for a more subtle flash pic.

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