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The reason grandchildren and grandparents get along so well is.I have 3 kids and the two oldest ones are 7 and 5 and they call their grandparents.My children have 3 sets of husbands mom and dad are called grandma and grandpa, my mom and step dad are nanny, and papa, and my dad and step mom and pawpaw and mawmaw. the kids have never has a problem keeping up with all the different names.My best friend cals her grandmother MIMI when she had her children her mother wanted something like that so she came up with MINA.Grandfather: Grandpa, Pop, Popsy, Pappy, Grandpa Bill (same as above).

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They also know their biological grandparents and call their maternal grandmother G-ma and GG-ma for their great grandmother.

This was the nickname of a great-grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad.I have compiled this list of Medieval Names and places from a wide variety of.My parents are Nana and Poppy and my in-laws are Grandmom and Grandpop.

I have also hear nana or grandma T etc. to help differnentiate them.Native Languages of the Americas is a small non-profit organization dedicated to.Well they do seem to come up with their own names for grandma and grandpa.My parents are looking to be called grampy and grammy and my husband dad will be grandpop.My son calls my mom and dad Nana and PaPaw, my husbands parents Mimi and PawPaw his great grandmas Grammy and Mawmaw.

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Some of the other grandchildren called my mother little granny sometimes, but my daughter continues to do so and so do her children and husband.We call my mom, she lives in a different state that us, Granny B.Names provides meanings, origins and interesting detail on every aspect of popular baby names.Sometimes when children are learning to talk they come up with their own name for grandparents that stick.Their paternal grandmother they call grandma Debbie and grandpa Mike.

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Traditional grandfather names are making grandparents unhappy because it makes them feel old.They are a bit older and everyone needs a true grandma and grandpa.

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You are welcome to send me funny names to add to this list,.

Well my son will be calling his grandparents (my inlaws) mom mom (grandma) and poppy (grandpa).

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When you hear people say that they grow up to fast it is really true they do.When my son was born we tried to get him to call my husbands mom nanna and my mom nanny but when he became verbal he made up his own.The funnt thing is that my dad wanted to be Grampa, but my little girl said it her way, G-daddy.

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Search Belly Ballot to discover the popularity, meanings, and origins of thousands of names from around the world.My Granddaughter just started calling me nammaw no matter what we encouraged her to call me.Plus some women do not like to be called GRANDMA, they like other nick names because the word GRANDMA makes them feel OLD.The only others I know of for Granpa are Papa, Pappy, and Gramps.

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Maybe you have a cultural background that has other names also.I had a Nanna (or Nana) and a Mimi and my granddaughter has a Granny and one of my grandmothers was called Gammy by some of the other kids in the family.When my husband and I started our Church the first Child born was a little girl and she called us mapmap and pappap we loved it so we have kept it.

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We call our kids pet names that often defy reason: pumpkin butter, sweet cheeks, spicy pepper.

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There is also mee-ma or mima, my mom is a Nana, my dad and stepmom are grandmama and grandpapa LOL.I am too young to be a grandmother but I am through my step children.My eldest daughter picked this up on her own and it has stuck, although my mother in law never liked it.

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