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Apples are such a easy and affordable fruit to put in the lunch box, so I have persisted this term, trying different types of apples without success.Cut up apple in the morning and place it in water with a small amount of salt, then let it soak for about 5 minutes.Apple Spinach Goat Cheese Sandwich - Packed Lunch - the perfect, simple to make, healthy and delicious sandwich.Bento-style lunch with whole grain pita wedges, hummus, feta cheese, olives, cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes, two small tangerines, water Peanut butter (or Sun Butter) and banana sandwich on whole grain bread, carrot and celery sticks, a cup of yogurt with blueberries and honey on top, water.Between the weight of the apple and the constant shuffling of stuff against the bag in my backpack, sandwiches never stood a chance.Children can dip their fruit and veggie sticks in apple sauce for a little added sweetness.

Trouble is — as anyone who has ever packed an apple in a lunch knows — browning is a major issue.I regularly cut up apple for afternoon tea, which he eats, so I asked if he would eat it an apple cut up in his lunch box.Little Miss has apple slices and carrot coins for dipping and dunking into her SunButter Creamy.

A Guide for Healthy School Lunch Ideas to Pack for your Kids

Best of all, tons of ideas for nut-free, dairy-free and gluten free options.

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These are actual lunches I have made and packed for myself and my kids and some other great lunch ideas from some of my favorite bloggers.

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Everything can be served chilled or at room temperature - no heating or microwave needed.Suggested sides: baby carrots or apple slices. 7. Avocado Veggie Pita Sandwich: Spread a mashed avocado inside a whole-wheat pita and then layer on marinated artichoke hearts, sliced red peppers, marinated sundried tomatoes, and sliced baby portabella mushrooms.He said he would so I set out looking all over the internet for a non lemon solution to keeping apples from discolouring. (If you are after more ideas and tips on preparing food for the kids lunches, then check out my meal prep process.).

10 More Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids (for the School Lunch

My youngest daughter Maddie gave me the idea for this post and even helped write it.

Teach Your Kids to Make Their Own Lunch: Part One

My son always gets a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, apple slices, a yogurt stick and a treat (usually a Rice Krispie treat).

I roughly used about 4 cups of water to a teaspoon of salt and Granny Smith apples.

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Crunch Pak is the industry leader in fresh pre sliced apple packs.

Get them chopping, sorting food into containers and making sandwiches or wraps. 2 Create healthy lunches and snacks.For example, you could pack a salad, some blueberries, and a sandwich on whole-grain bread.Spread 2 slices of whole-wheat bread with almond butter or peanut butter.

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Spread out several large slices of preservative-free, organic lunch meat.

Mix tuna into a cooked grain, add almond butter to apple slices, or top yogurt with nuts and berries.

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Instead, stick with healthy snacks like raw nuts and whole-grain crackers.If the lunch cannot be kept cold, do not If the lunch cannot be kept cold, do not pack foods that may become unsafe to eat, like milk, cheese, yogurt, egg, or deli meats.

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Usually, I sprinkle a dash of lemon juice on them to help keep them from turning, but then I run the risk of my.Imagine eating a nutritious homemade lunch each day that you can simply reheat in a flash.

My 8-year old boy can eat quite a bit when he is at home for lunch, but he eats less at school as he has a short lunch break and is distracted by talking to his friends.Meal Prep Primer shows you how to plan effectively to spend time in the kitchen over the weekend and prep food that will make your week days easier.

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