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It turns out, though, that this is truly your time in the sun, because there now exists a Crock-Pot that can cook three different dishes at once — giving you the kind of power that no human.Jambalaya is a classic Creole dish with chicken, sausage, shrimp, tomatoes, and rice.

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Get daily tips and expert advice to help you take your cooking skills to the next level.This elegant crockpot version with ham, peas, and white wine (or pear nectar, if serving to kids), eliminates the time-consuming stirring of a traditional stovetop risotto recipe.You only need four ingredients—including jarred spaghetti sauce and frozen meatballs—to whip up this super easy spaghetti and meatballs dinner.

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Your favorite barbecue sauce, plus brown sugar, onions, garlic, and a little apple juice, makes these boneless country-style ribs extra flavorful.Place the chicken in the slow cooker, then season with sea salt, pepper and Italian seasoning.Serve topped with corn tortilla strips and shredded cheese, as directed, and spice it up as you like with diced jalapenos or red pepper flakes.Keeping that same great approach and pushing it one step further, the Crock-Pot Food Warmer takes everything you liked about the original and made it portable.Grated fresh ginger root adds fragrant spice to slow-cooked beef and root vegetables in this simple, but tasty main dish.This recipe calls for a slow cook on high for 5 hours or low cook for 10 hours.Risotto is a classic Italian dish that makes a warming dinner on cold winter days.

Crock Pot Turkey Spinach Stuffed Shells a meal no one can resist.Boneless chicken breasts go into the crockpot with veggies, pineapple chunks, jarred sweet and sour sauce, noodles for a tasty one-dish entree.

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Here are 30 easy paleo crock pot recipes you can just throw in the slow cooker and forget.Browned chicken breasts are added to the crockpot with vegetables, soy sauce, ginger, and some pantry ingredients, then left to cook all day for moist and flavorful results.This Crock-Pot Nutella French toast from I Can Cook That looks super decadent and absolutely delicious.This Crock Pot BBQ Meatloaf is super easy, tastes great and is a delicious comfort food the whole family will enjoy.

Before you cook your turkey breast in the crock pot, fill the crock pot with any vegetables or seasonings you want to use, like onion, thyme, and garlic.This crock pot roast is made by browning the beef first and then slow cooking it in the crock pot.

If the turkey breast is 2 pounds, leave it in the crock pot for 5 hours.To make Crock Pot Chicken and Noodles, season 4 chicken breasts with salt and pepper.

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Use leftover meat to create lunchbox sandwiches the kids will devour.

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Then, come home to a fully cooked meal—no last minute scrambling required.Use a good lean beef—ideally a chuck roast, blade roast, bottom round, or shoulder roast—for best results.Food 29 Awesome Super Bowl Snacks You Can Make In A Slow Cooker.

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Just leave the crock pot plugged in for the whole party, and your guests will have warm eats that were so easy for you to make.Serve with rice, noodles, or potatoes, and your choice of side vegetable, for a satisfying meal.This can become irrelevant in times of extreme abundance, but it can be helpful in some situations to know the value of crock pot recipes.Select a casserole dish or oven safe baking pan that fits into your crockpot.Then, put your turkey breast in the crock pot and cover it with a lid.Crock Pot Steel Cut Oats cook overnight so you can wake up to a warm breakfast, ready to eat.Lean ground beef, canned diced tomatoes, prepared tomato sauce, and pinto beans combine with store-bought chili mix to form an affordable high-protein dinner.Jumbo Shells stuffed with ricotta, spinach, ground turkey and Italian herbs all made into one delicious cheesy meal your family will love.Flavorful beef short ribs become fork-tender when cooked low and slow in a crockpot.

The ideal cooking environment for this cut of beef is in the slow, even heat.Cook the Tuscan chicken in the Crock Pot You can prepare the other parts of the Tuscan garlic chicken recipe while the sauce simmers.You can cook everything—including the diced turkey, mushrooms, onion, and pimiento—entirely in the crockpot or transfer to a buttered dish before serving, adding more cheese and baking briefly for a bubbly golden-brown topping.

Serve shredded and piled on split buns with cole slaw and pickles.

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They serve up beautifully, and can be paired with pasta, rice or a green salad.Crocking provides the benefits at a price that...In this four-ingredient recipe, chicken breasts are wrapped in bacon, then smothered in a rich sauce made with roasted garlic cream of mushroom soup, sour cream, and some flour.Come home to a steamy bowl of chicken tortilla soup with this great Mexican-inspired recipe.This juicy crockpot meatloaf with just a handful of ingredients is a great choice for busy home cooks and makes great sandwiches the day after.

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