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Furthermore, you can put your canine friend in a doggy sweater and see that the coconut oil fully absorbs into their skin, which usually takes about five minutes.My dogs do get their Omega 3 fatty acids through fish oil, raw sardines, phytoplankton, and carp burgers.If you read up on fats, you may come across statements that medium chain fatty acids lead to increased cholesterol by raising your LDL.When I started writing about better nutrition for my dogs, I wrote a post listing coconut oil as an alternative to fish oil.Remember to go slow at first and gradually increase the amount you give your dog to consume with his food.I am ordering liquid coconut oil today to make a few products at home.Articles may not be reproduced in whole or in part without written consent of Kimberly Gauthier.

It helps tremendously with doggy breath and does reduce dry skin and itching due to allergies.

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Since coconut oil is an excellent addition to meals, you can give your dog coconut oil 1 or 2 times a day in its meals.

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Dogs love the taste of coconut and many will lick it off a spoon.Regarding anecdote and personal experience, it is a frustrating and disappointing fact that these are not reliable guides to what is true or false in healthcare, but it is a fact nonetheless.And when someone asks me why I feed my dogs coconut oil, I feel more prepared to respond with an educated response.I used to alternate coconut oil with fish oil, but in my research on the benefits of coconut oil (see, we gotta do our homework), I learned that this was unnecessary.Stops Hairballs Prevent hairballs by keeping your cat from ingesting too much hair.It is recommended only administering one drop when allowing a dog to ingest internally.

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If so, you may be interested to know that recent reports have linked the substance to toxicity in dogs and cats.

3 Reasons Why Coconut Oil is a Must for Your Pet

The olive oil contains omega 3 fatty acids, which can improve the quality of the skin.

Here are a few articles discussing this subject in more detail.This is because lauric acid, the main fatty acid in coconut.

Not all anecdotal evidence is useful, and humans are terrible at determining causation.Source: My notes from the CocoTherapy presentation at the 2018 Raw and Natural Dog Summit.I do love it for skin and paw issues though, like you mentioned.You can let your dog lick coconut oil from the spoon or mix coconut oil in dog food.That is why we have decided to help you out a bit, and give you a list of the 5 best coconut oils that can be found there.

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That said, if you think you need a more powerful home remedy for your condition, you can try mixing two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 2oz of coconut oil, and a few drops of tea tree with 12oz of water.I was giving same amount to my Pit as I was my Chihuahua and she started coughing alot.

You can contact them through their website or social media:.I believe there is a limit of coconut oil you can give your dog per day according to their weight.Cooking-grade coconut oil is what we find in grocery stores and at Costco.

Bias is a killer of scientific thought, and group think is strong regardless of the topic.

Should We Add Coconut Oil or Fish Oil to Our Dogs' Meals

When you order through this link, you will get a copy of the Virgin Coconut Oil Book which explains the story of how they discovered this high nutrient coconut oil and the many ways it can be used to support health.Of course, there are far too many coconut oils on Amazon for an ordinary person to pick from.

Once again I was reminded not to take everything I read at face value.As long as 90-95% of ingredients are organic, then you can use the USDA certified organic seal.Coat Conditioner: In a small Rubbermaid container, mix 3-4 melon ball size scoops of coconut oil with 1-2 drops of Lavender essential oil to create a coat conditioner.Bacteria that can cause gum disease may also lead to cardiovascular disease as your dog ages.Coconut oil is very stable at high temperatures so if you cook or bake treats for your dog, you can substitute it for other oils.The book will be automatically added the first time your order.Pretending you know something when you do not is immature and dangerous.

Many pet parents like myself are turning to the Internet to learn how to feed our dogs better.Coconut oil attracts the fleas and they stick to it, so you can use the comb to simply pull the fleas off.Coconut oil is a thermogenic oil that stimulates the metabolism, helping a dog lose weight.Cosmetic-grade coconut oil is used in lotions and other beauty products.

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