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They can draw on the face, cut out the ears or help you to fold the triangle boxes that make the bunnies.Kids will love helping you to make them and playing with them afterwards.Understanding this to be true is one of the basic tenants of the Christian faith.This keeps little ones from having to compete with older children and gives you a bit more control over where they hunt.

You just need the tulips (choose real ones or silk ones, whatever you want) and some plastic eggs of different colors and sizes.You will need planting pots to put them in and something to suspend them above the pot.Just remember to keep the garden in a warm location with lots of sunlight and give it plenty of water every day.You can buy the little bunnies made of moss or even make them yourself if you are so inclined.Consider creating a whimsical bunny from your watermelon and then fill it with colorful fruits and melons.Whether you plan to hang a banner, create garland from plastic eggs or you have pictures or signs that you want to display, there are many ways that you can dress up your mantel and make it more spring-like.These delightful homemade paper Easter baskets will deliver the goods on Easter morning.

This is also a great way to repurpose those bags and keep them out of the garbage.From carrot toppers for cupcakes to flowers for wreaths and several other things, you can cut your paper and cardstock with designs on them to make them really unique and pretty.Any color of napkins will work and you can make an adorable bunny for every place setting.Twig Wreath Use our safer (and easier) method to blow eggs to create.To make the liner for your spring flower centerpiece or a cake.

Find fun Disney-inspired art and craft ideas for kids of all ages—including holiday and seasonal crafts, decorations, and more.Choose pastel colors and group your Easter decorations together in this one area to create a focal point that is sure to get attention.

The see-saw goes up and down with the use of a simple fastening clip.The two work together to create a stunning Easter display that is perfect for spring.Just choose tulips in the color or colors that you want or select several in multiple colors for a really spring-like display.Wrap plastic foam egg shapes (available at crafts supply stores) with crepe paper, and attach the ends with glue or a small straight pin.

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This is an easy craft that kids will love and one that takes very little time or effort.Usually flags are used but for Easter, substitute the flags with felt or fabric bunnies, chicks and eggs and arrange these across the length of bunting ribbon or cord in an evenly spaced order.

This is a great way to bring out all those pastel spring colors and gives you a beautiful centerpiece for Easter dinner.You can sew this together with the machine or use fabric glue if you prefer a completely no sew method.You can use any number of different papers for the actual egg and then just mat and frame your colorful paper strip egg in any frame you want.Make them in different sizes and let the kids put on an Easter puppet show.There are many things that you can create that take little time and will give your table a great spring look.You can then place those eggs in a bowl or use ribbon to dangle them in various places around the home.Add some jelly beans or robins eggs and you have a wonderful party gift or you can use these in your home as Easter candy dishes.

You can create place cards and use these for place settings at the dinner table or simply have Easter candy sitting around in various places in the home.If your children love Christmas countdown calendars, why not make them one for Easter as well.

Well, you can fold your napkins into bunnies and make wonderful decorations for your Easter dinner table.Our collection of Easter party supplies make it easy to add fun details to a kid-friendly Easter party.

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