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Having said that, the ProtectiveClean line of brushes has recently been introduced.However, the small pointed Interdental Tip is a design not duplicated in the Sonicare line and could be a valuable aid for some.Top speed is 27,000 strokes-per-minute vs. 31,000 for Sonicares.Compare the top 10 best sonic electric toothbrushes in our comparison table.

The way we remember these displays, the packaging was clear and you could see through it somewhat.These brushes give the impression of having a superior design and build. - We clearly do consider this point an advantage of the higher-end Sonicares.But its lack of a long track record puts us off. ( We expound on all of these issues here. ).Hover over a toothbrush to find out which Sonicare model you use.The brush body is substantially smaller in size (diameter) and quieter in operation than Sonicare models.We participate in both the and affiliate networks.They use powerful vibrations to effectively remove plaque and clean gums.What we say on this page about features should be easy enough to translate to any other sonic brush when evaluating their features.

From the standpoint of the average person who just needs a good, effective electric toothbrush, we feel the app contributes too little at too much added cost in getting a model that features it.Thanks for taking the time to create it--a very valuable service.

You helped me make up my mind so quickly and I really appreciate it.The Sonicare website says these models do not have the EasyStart function (but they do have a low-intensity setting that could help to serve as a substitute).

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Showing 40 of 211 results that match your query. Product - Philips Sonicare.Except the PowerUps, all Sonicare models have the availability of standard or compact brush heads.Get next level care with Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrushes.

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It creates more noice, more vibrations in handle, is less sofisiticated and much lower efficiency (teeth does not feel silky smooth after brushing) and needs to be charged more frequently and have a clearly more noticeable difference in performance when newly charged.As someone who routinely brushes more than two minutes, I just know I would find the shutdown annoying every time it happened.

And also provide a link to it on our Sonicare models reviews page where you can learn even more details about it.We set our criteria up this way because we wanted our conclusions to be.The purpose of this study was to determine to what degree the vibratory action of powered toothbrushes was dampened when applying brushing force.I love that your site points people towards the unit that has what they truly need.Brushing modes - An explanation of the different Oral-B brushing modes found on various models.Philips Sonicare uses sonic technology to keep your teeth and gums healthy.


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I get all the information I need on this webpage, that not even the online big shops care to provide.

And for people stepping up from a manual one, the difference should be noticeable.There must be a factor beyond the brush stokes per minute though because I can assure everyone the 2 Series 31,000 brush strokes per minute is weak, weak compared to the 31,000 DiamondClean and Flexcare I have.The best electric toothbrushes for Senior Citizens. - Elder persons in different age groups, with differing situations, need different features.It explains the importance of having the 31,000 strokes-per-minute brushing action.One Concern I have with the high end toothbrush is that the small metal point that you snap the toothbrush on after awhile comes out.More information about text formats Plain text No HTML tags allowed.

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You will notice a powerup after charging, but it runs very good until you need to charge it and the brushing experience is at an extremely high level all the time.

Just read through their respective features and make a decision.

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I appreciate all the work that went into this evaluation of the different Sonicare models.This page discusses the pros and cons of various models in meeting those needs.

Comments: Clearly these models have been designed as kids toothbrushes.Should this be a model to consider when getting a new electric toothbrush.

As a solution for not having this feature, the brush could be used in its reduced-power mode (full or part time) for an introductory period.This article approached the topic exactly as I would have and was so helpful.Which one provides you with the better features and value for money.Personally, I find it more confusing than helpful to have all these models.But we have a high regard for sonic toothbrushes in general, and Sonicare in particular.In comparison, the 5100 seems like it makes a reasonable budget selection.At minimum a concern involving the possibility of repair would be if the water-tight nature of the brush is compromised.

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